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10. 2. 2023

Staff Health| Staff Hiring

What Does This Mean for Our Existing Team?

| 2 min read

Written by Matt Steen
Jul 22, 2020 10:53:17 AM

When our staff doesn't fit our new reality

Back in April, we spent some time talking about blizzards, winters, and mini-ice ages as they relate to the pandemic that we find ourselves in. Over the last few weeks, as we have been spending time with church leaders, we have noticed that our conversations have shifted away from the blizzard (survival mode) and we are having more conversations about what the road ahead looks like.

As churches are beginning to choose their online ministry strategy, line up their teams, and assign responsibilities, we are starting to have some uncomfortable conversations with church leaders about staff realignment. Specifically, we are hearing pastors talk about how they have people who have served faithfully on their teams for years, are loved by their congregations, but are not equipped for the season ahead. The hardest part of these conversations is the speed at which things have changed and how the uncertainty of the next few months is causing us to take a hard look at where we are investing our resources.

When this topic comes up in a conversation, my response typically has three parts:

  • Breathe: God is not surprised by the situation we find ourselves in. He is with us, he is for us, and he is continuing to work things to prosper his bride and his kids. He will be at work in your staffing situation as well.
  • One size does NOT fit all: There is no silver bullet in this season. As much as I wish I could give you 7 sure-fire steps to pulling yourself out of ministry crisis, I can't. Our path forward needs to be based on the unique context of your situation. This will take work, it will take thought, but it IS doable, and you have the ability to do this.
  • We can help: While there is no stock answer, you do have allies who are willing to walk with you in this season. Chemistry is preparing to launch our Church Staffing Realignment Lab. This 7-week experience will give you the tools you need to make the decisions needed to make the changes needed in your church's staffing strategy. You will have access to our team of coaches, a cohort of ministry leaders working through similar challenges, and will walk away with an action plan and optional implementation coaching so that you can put your strategy to work. You can learn more about the lab experience here.

I am convinced, now more than ever, that God has put you in your church to lead through this season.

I know you are tired.

I know that you were not trained for this.

But I also know that you are faithful and dependent on our God who is with you and continues to work through you.

Please know that the entire team at Chemistry is praying for you and rooting you on and as you are working through this season, I'd love to help you process what you are learning and experiencing... this link will help us find some time to talk.




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