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What Does Our Online Team DO?

| 2 min read

Written by Matt Steen
Jul 8, 2020 11:29:19 AM

Job Descriptions for Your Church's Online Team


Over the last few weeks, I have had several conversations with church leaders who are having to shut down their Sunday morning services for the second time. I don't know about you, but for me, this confirms that our churches need to come to clarity on our online ministry strategies and begin to lean into them during the COVID season, and beyond.

Two weeks ago, we shared the five strategies that we are seeing churches adopt as they embrace online ministry. We've received a ton of great feedback about how that has helped churches develop a common language about their online strategy going forward. Last week, we shared the four key roles that need to be filled in order to do online ministry well (spoiler alert: not everyone has to be a paid staff member). Today, I'd like to discuss what to look for when filling those four roles.

Each of the five strategies that we shared will require different responsibilities from each of the four key roles that need to be filled to do online ministry well. If you are looking for specific job descriptions for each position, you can click here to download a full set of job descriptions for every strategy. Regardless of the strategy or position, there are 5 key qualities that we would encourage you to look for in your online ministry team:

  • All-in Mentality: This person not only loves your church but they are totally bought into the way that you have chosen to move forward with your online ministry. 
  • Team Builder: Ministry is a team sport. Key leaders need to be able to seek out others who can be a part of this ministry area and take ownership.
  • High-Initiative Strategist: Getting excited about new ways of doing ministry and creatively implementing new strategies is non-negotiable for this person. 
  • Ministry Enthusiast: This person must be spiritually mature and pastorally astute, with the ability to passionately model Christ to their team and online congregation.
  • Virtual Genius: This person needs to be growing in their knowledge of online church and must serve as your church's subject matter expert on their pieces of online ministry. 
Once you have identified someone with each of the required qualities, you can begin to line up their skill set with the right position. You can download the online ministry job descriptions here:

Download Now


As you continue to lean into your online strategy, I would love to spend some time helping you think through what makes the most sense for your church. You can use this link to schedule a time for us to talk

We're rooting for you in this season of transition,



PS. Many churches are starting to realize that it is time to find their next staff member. Are you ready to launch your search? Let's talk about how our current season changes the search process. Click here to schedule a free consult.

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