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10. 4. 2023

Church DNA/Culture

Our Biggest Current Opportunity

| 2 min read

Written by Matt Steen
Sep 23, 2020 9:02:19 AM

What if we rethought discipleship?


I had a conversation this week with a respected church leader who has been encouraging churches to use our current season as a catalyst for what's next. In the last six months, we've rethought what online ministry can be, created Easter services that were celebrated separated but together, and have innovated on the fly as our circumstances have changed week to week, day to day, and minute to minute. 


When asked about the Church's most significant growth edge in this season, he said "we need to be rethinking how we do discipleship."

I would have to agree. While much has changed over the last six months, we have experienced significant changes over the last decade plus that have made traditional discipleship approaches ineffective.

What if this is the season to change all that?

I am convinced that as COVID has forced us to rethink Sunday morning gatherings, it needs to be forcing us to rethink how we approach discipleship as well. 

That's why we're launching our newest lab experience: Discipling in a Digital Age. Led by Reggie McNeal, we'll spend four weeks together to develop a deep understanding of your current discipleship effectiveness, figure out what shifts need to be made in the days ahead, implement those shifts, and walk away with the tools that you need for your church to create disciples in this digital age. 

The lab launches on October 27 and will be limited to 12 people. I'd love for you to be a part. 



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