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We Do What We Love Because It Helps You Do What You Love Better

| 2 min read

Written by Kelly Norris
Jul 2, 2021 3:06:00 PM


It's always a big relief for a church when its search for a senior pastor is finally over. It takes an enormous amount of time, energy, and care to find the right person to lead in this capacity, but Chemistry Staffing loves every minute of it.


The search for a new Senior Pastor at Highland Community Church is over. Here's what Tim Gosswiller had to say about their experience...


We are very excited about just completing a successful search for a Senior Pastor with help from Chemistry Staffing. We entered our pastoral vacancy in 2020 just before emergency orders closed our church. The next several months were spent working through all of the uncertainty that affected us and churches throughout our community, which stretched our internal resources thin. When our search process began, we decided to use a search firm to fill this position rather than using only our own resources. As eager as we were to begin our search, Chemistry Staffing walked us through a self-evaluation process to fully understand our identity as a congregation and our needs for the Senior Pastor position. This took time as we stepped back and honestly evaluated who we were and where we believed God was calling us. This was well worth the time and effort though, as the candidates that Chemistry Staffing presented were qualified and were a fit on many of the characteristics we described of who we were and the kind of pastor we were looking for.


Pastor Dale brings a set of skills and experience to the ministry of Highland Community Church that we already see God confirming even before he has started. Working with Chemistry Staffing has been a great combination of using their expertise and resources and still allowing our evaluation process to fully engage with Pastor Dale as a candidate. Chemistry Staffing has been a great fit for the size and budget of our congregation and the results they delivered.


Chemistry Staffing is proud to have helped Highland Community Church find the right person, and we want to help them celebrate. Now the church can focus on its goal of providing a place where people who need it most know they are loved and cared for.


We do what we love because it helps you do what you love better. What is it we love? Finding healthy, long-term fits for churches with the ultimate goal of improving church health across the nation.


Are you looking for the right full-time, church staff member for your ministry? I'd love to have a conversation with you.  


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