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09. 23. 2023

Current Events

We are Thankful for You!

| 2 min read

Written by Matt Steen
Nov 24, 2021 11:51:56 AM

Every year my family heads to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for Thanksgiving week. Since the time I was in fifth grade, we would make our way down to this island outpost for a week of fishing, playing games, laughing, and accusing each other of cheating at Monopoly (seriously, y'all... never let my sister be the banker). In many ways, this year has been no different, and in other ways, it has been totally different. 


Tomorrow, somewhere between rooting for the Cowboys to lose and the carving of a humongous turkey, we will spend time recounting the things that we are thankful for. What I am most thankful for this year is you. 
  • I am thankful for your willingness to stand in the gap and encourage your congregation to love one another despite differences of opinion... even when our society tells us that those who disagree with us are the enemy.
  • I am thankful that you have taken your call to shepherd your church seriously enough that you have made unknown sacrifices, have quietly weathered hurts and disappointments, and have continued to focus on Christ in the midst of the craziness.
  • I am thankful that you are teaching your congregation the truth of the Gospel in a time where that is rare.


Thank you for your sacrifice. 

Thank you for your love of our Savior.
Thank you for caring well for your congregation when they need it most.

I pray that you will have an enjoyable Thanksgiving, that you will have the freedom to laugh and play with those that you love, and that you will know that you are seen and loved.




PS. I am also grateful for your spouse and your family in this season... we pray for them constantly at Chemistry.

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