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Staff Transitioning

Uh Oh! My Calling has Changed!

| 2 min read

Written by Todd Rhoades
May 9, 2022 9:15:40 AM

What to do when you are contemplating a church job transition ...

When you are contemplating a change in your church job, it may cause you to question, refine, or even change how you view your ministry calling.

So when do you know when to move on?  When is the right time to start looking for your next church job?

And what if you feel like the calling you once had has changed?  Or diminished?

In this video, Chemistry Staffing Co-Founders Todd Rhoades and Matt Steen discuss how to handle this serious question. There is no need to panic. No matter how you view God's calling on your life, this video will offer you practical advice as you seek to understand your calling and where God might have you for your next season of life and ministry.

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