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05. 28. 2023

Staff Search

The Best Decision Ever!

| 2 min read

Written by Kelly Norris
Oct 16, 2020 4:58:07 PM

Dave Robinson's Experience


It's truly a privilege to work with amazing churches like Countryside Fellowship Church. When churches trust us to walk alongside them in the hiring process, they get the added advantage of tapping into Chemistry's team of experts (including co-founders Matt Steen and Todd Rhoades). They also learn more about themselves through the assessment process and have a guide every step of the way. 


Here's what Dave Robinson had to say about his experience ... 


Countryside Fellowship Church is a non-denominational, independent Christian church. In our 33 year history, we have had three pastors but had never had to look outside the congregation for a new pastor. Having no experience with a pastor search made the process rather daunting. Other than perhaps contacting seminaries, we had no idea where to begin looking. We were asking questions like: 


- Once applicants were found ...then what?


- What are the best interview questions?


- How do we determine who will actually be the best fit?


- How do you evaluate the intangibles?


- How do you say no to most applicants?

Just as we were seriously considering the hiring process, but were bogged down in where to start, Chemistry Staffing appeared.


In talking with Matt, and later Todd, it became clear that they possessed the experience and expertise to help us and make the process much more effective than we could on our own.


Looking back now, I can easily say that enlisting their help was the best decision we could have made for our church, for our new pastor and for the Kingdom.Best Decision 2


They helped us think through what we wanted and needed. They helped us coalesce the thoughts, beliefs, and history that make this church distinctive. The process they led us through was systematic and thorough. There was an added and unexpected benefit of allowing us to see how God had worked in the history of the church. It made us hopeful that He would continue this specific work that he had started 33 years ago.

The end result of the process was wonderful candidates. It was a blessing to get to know them. We have selected a pastor and are very excited about him and his family joining our congregation. The more we talk the more we find that our hearts and minds align. The church now has a hope and excitement that is more than just wishful thinking.

Best Decision 3It’s hard to overstate the benefit that Chemistry Staffing has provided. They took a potentially difficult and divisive process and helped us navigate it with grace and wisdom. They offered timely insights throughout the search and were encouraging at every turn. I can’t recommend them enough.




We are thrilled that we were able to help Countryside find their long-term, healthy fit. If you are looking for the right full-time, church staff member for your ministry, I'd love to have a conversation with you.  


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