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05. 28. 2023

Staff Health| Leadership| Communication

That Shortcut is Actually a Trap!

| 2 min read

Written by Todd Rhoades
Dec 22, 2018 5:18:34 AM

That Shortcut is Actually a Trap!

If you're like me, December is a time of reflection and planning... how did 2018 go, and what are the big plans for 2019?

I love planning and goal setting. But like most, I'm much better at dreaming and planning than actually carrying out the plan and seeing the final result.

Jim Collins made the phrase BHAG popular.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

As Church Leaders, many of us plan our year around BHAGs.

They are fun to dream about.

But BHAGs are hard work.

Our tendency (at least mine) is to look for shortcuts.

How can I achieve this HUGE goal quicker, faster, and with less effort? (Yes, even BHAGs bring out our latent laziness at times).

The problem is... shortcuts hardly ever work.  In fact, shortcuts can totally derail you from achieving what you want in the long-term.

Eric Geiger points out three shortcuts that you'll be tempted to take in 2019, but you just can't:


A world of platforms has exasperated the reality that people can quickly work to develop an external brand that outpaces their internal character. Tragically, leaders can plan their image while haphazardly planning their own development. Credibility, for a leader, is the result of sustained integrity over long periods of time. Attempts to shortcut credibility will inevitably cause people to act in ways that are inconsistent with reality.


Leaders know that organizations and ministries long for a clear and compelling mission that defines them and gives significance to all the activity. But clarifying and communicating mission takes an investment of time and energy. It takes time to listen, to learn the culture, to understand opportunities, to develop language alongside others, and to articulate a direction. A microwaved mission rarely grabs people because it lacks the leader’s conviction. And a photocopied mission, something a leader reads elsewhere, rarely moves people because it lacks context. Leaders must not take shortcuts in developing, declaring, and defending mission.


Leadership development is a long, arduous process. Developing others is one of a leader’s prime responsibilities, but the fruit of the work is often not revealed for years. Thus, leaders who are attracted to shortcuts will inevitably neglect developing others.

As you decide which BHAG you will totally demolish next year, remember that credibility, mission, and development of you and those around you cannot be faked, skipped over, or hijacked. Build them into your plan now. It will be hard (and take longer), but the result will be both beautiful and God-honoring.

So... what's YOUR BHAG for 2019?  (Hit reply and let share your dream with me!)



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