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10. 2. 2023

Staff Hiring

Thank You For Being a Friend

| 2 min read

Written by Todd Rhoades
Aug 21, 2023 8:00:00 AM

The Benefits of Outside Church Experts


Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down a road and back again
Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant
(Lyrics by Andrew Gold)


Last week, we explored some critical signs that your church may need to reach out for external support and revitalization. But once you realize you are facing challenges that extend beyond the capacity of your current leadership team, how do know if partnering with experienced church consultants or ministry coaches is genuinely the right move forward? What tangible value can these outside experts add to your ministry?


Consider these five key benefits that a trusted, proven church coach or advisor can bring your ministry:


Gain An Objective Outside Perspective


When you, as the pastor and leadership team, are deeply embedded within the regular rhythm of your church community, it can be tough to zoom out and identify blind spots objectively. Long-standing operation patterns, unspoken relational dynamics, and systemic issues often get glossed over when you live within them daily. However, a friend and partner coming in from the outside with a fresh, objective set of eyes can assess your ministry's overall health and hidden opportunities without preconceived notions. They can see your church as outsiders do, bringing clarity and outside context and identifying gaps that may keep it from thriving to its fullest potential.


You don’t see the cracks in the wall or the chipping paint.  You might not see the unhealthy relationships, the waste of money on ineffective programs, or the reasons why people are leaving.  Honestly, you’re too close to the situation to see what may be holding you back.


Tap Into Expert Frameworks, Systems and Best Practices


Seasoned ministry advisors and church revitalization coaches have often spent decades serving various congregations of varying sizes and contexts. They have walked with hundreds of churches through seasons of plateau and decline and have seen firsthand what produces breakthrough results across many settings and what fails to ignite change. This expansive breadth of experience equips them with proven systems, models, frameworks, and processes that can greatly accelerate forward momentum and effectiveness in your church. Rather than spending precious time and resources reinventing the wheel, your ministry can immediately benefit from tried and tested solutions that reflect Kingdom best practices.


Pinpoint Critical Issues That Have Been Overlooked


Sometimes the most crippling problems limiting a church are complex for insiders to identify accurately. Issues often look different when you are entrenched within the community versus viewing it objectively from a distance. Only an impartial, truthful friend who has no agenda other than your church’s best interest can provide the perspective to surface sensitive issues that might be holding your church back beneath the surface. Respected church coaches can comprehensively evaluate staffing structure, organizational culture trends, programming effectiveness, financial patterns, facility needs, and community outreach efforts to get to the heart of the matter. While the brutal truths uncovered may be challenging to accept at first, confronting reality in this way is a critical step that allows for lasting solutions.


Accelerate Positive Change Through Accountability


While church leaders are often aware of changes that must be made, moving from intention to implementation usually proves challenging without outside accountability. Due to the pull of the urgent and natural human tendency to want to maintain the status quo, transformative change rarely succeeds in a stagnant church without trusted advisory partners compelling forward action based on assessed needs and opportunities. Their proven strategic frameworks, customized roadmaps for your context, and consistent accountability with progress check-ins enable quicker visibility of wins and forward momentum.


Receive Guidance Tailored to Your Church’s Unique Situation


Effective consultants and coaches know that cookie-cutter solutions very rarely ignite sustainable change. Each church body has its own distinct needs, people dynamics, opportunities, and challenges that require a customized approach. Rather than making assumptions, experienced advisors first listen intently, understand your church’s specifics, and build trust with leadership. This enables them to tailor recommendations and partnerships to accelerate growth for your church’s unique situation. Whether you need help crafting leadership pipelines, overhauling financial processes, revitalizing worship services, enhancing assimilation, or clarifying vision, they adapt support to meet your church right where you are.


Bringing in a trusted outside expert guide provides much-needed objectivity, wisdom, and accountability that can be a game-changer for plateaued or declining churches. Their breadth of experience ushers in Kingdom best practices while recommendations are still customized to your unique ministry setting.


While making changes can seem intimidating, remember that you never intended to carry the load alone. As seasons come and go, experienced friends you can count on will come alongside you when needed most. Because true partners who have walked this road before providing just the proper guidance and support tailored to your ministry when you cry out, “Help, I need somebody!” Know that helpers and guides are out there and ready to assist when the time comes for a new season of renewal.


Our Chemistry Solutions Coaches comprehensively evaluate your ministry's health and performance across key areas like leadership, community, spiritual formation, communications, and operations. Do we need to dive deep into specific ministry areas to provide insights and growth opportunities? Great! We're here to partner with you toward excellence while keeping the overall health of your church our end goal!


We are here to be your friend… your trusted colleague… and your biggest cheerleader.  When you need us, we’re here.  Find out more about how we can help here.  We’d love to chat, hear your story, and see how we might partner together as friends moving forward.  




PS - Thank You For Being a Friend!

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