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    01. 31. 2023

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    Hiring the Right Church Staff Requires an Investment

    | 2 min read

    Written by Todd Rhoades
    Mar 15, 2021 11:52:12 AM

    The investments you make today when hiring a new pastor or hiring a new church staff member will shape the future of your church for years to come. The process will require a significant amount of time and energy. You may need to set aside some funds to make the hiring process more wide-ranging and successful. You may need to put in some long hours while planning to make a new hire.


    Here are some areas where churches should never cut corners:


    Prioritize the Spiritual Health of Candidates

    Churches can train a staff member to preach better or lead meetings better, but if a church leader isn’t personally driven to seek God and to cultivate a healthy spiritual life, that could prove to be an uphill battle once hired onto a church staff. Pastors are going to face significant pressures and jam-packed schedules at many churches, and only those with a strong spiritual life will thrive. 


    Look for Candidates Who Listen Well

    Pastors are embarking on a lifetime of building trust in a congregation. Pastors who are unable to build trust will struggle in their ministry. Listening is an essential skill that some ministry leaders simply may resist. 

    A good listener is often humble and able to learn and adapt. Potential conflicts can be prevented by pastors who know how to listen and respond effectively. Good listeners are also able to empathize with their congregation and will be more effective when communicating major changes or initiatives. 


    Identify the Results Your New Staff Member Should Deliver

    There should be no surprises for a new ministry hire, and the interview process should include clear expectations for the position being filled. Measurable benchmarks or goals should be explicitly laid out ahead of time.

    Mind you, it’s tough to identify concrete goals for ministry sometimes. While you can’t evaluate the effectiveness of discipleship or outreach, you can define targets for how many people should be involved in particular ministries and other benchmarks to get a sense of effectiveness. 


    Let’s Talk about Your Pastor Search

    If seeking a new pastor or filling an open position at your church overwhelms you, consider bringing in expert help. At Chemistry Staffing we love helping church leaders conduct efficient, affordable, and effective searches for pastors and church staff. 


    We’d love to talk with you about how we can come-along side you during your next search.  Let’s talk


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