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10. 2. 2023


No Decision is Still a Decision

| 2 min read

Written by Todd Rhoades
Aug 30, 2021 8:00:00 AM

As church leaders, we all need to make many decisions every day.


But, honestly, some decisions are tougher than others.


And while decisions, especially big ones (and important ones), take time, sometimes we take too long to pull the trigger.


Maybe we don’t want to fail.


Maybe the decision we make is risky.


Maybe the decision we have to make has long-term ramifications, either financially or personally.


We want to make a good decision, but we can’t put off making the decision forever. This brings me to my point today.  No decision is still a decision.


Teresa Griffith writes:  

Sometimes, we can feel particularly paralyzed about making a decision, and can end up postponing and procrastinating on it until it is “made for us.” This is a terrible cop-out; even when you choose not to make a decision, you are making it anyway. Leaving something to fate is not as random as you think — and stepping back from the act of deciding makes you feel out of control, passive, and disempowered. You might even avoid a decision so you can play the victim later, a role that is never proactive or helpful for your personal growth.


So, when you feel like procrastinating on a decision, stop and think about why you are tempted to do that. Remind yourself that choosing to make no decision is, in fact, the worst decision of all. Whatever other choice you make, it will be better than making none at all.


Hiring new team members is a big decision. Should I hire (or fire) a staff member?  What should I look for in a candidate?  And what position(s) do we really need to move forward as a church? I’d love to help you think through any potential staff changes at your church.  My unique perspective in working with (literally) hundreds of churches has possibly given me some insights that may help you make what is a crucial and tough decision about your church’s future. Feel free to drop me an email at Todd.Rhoades@ChemistryStaffing.com.  I’d love to help however I can.


So… what decision have you been putting off?

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