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    01. 25. 2023


    How Will Your Leadership Change in 2021?

    | 2 min read

    Written by Matt Steen
    Jan 8, 2021 2:36:25 PM

    Unique Opportunities to Learn in Community

    2020 confirmed a long held belief of mine: church leaders are hungry to learn in community. We launched Chemistry Labs initially as a way to help pastors learn about doing online ministry together and have watched as they have grown into a valuable learning community that helps church leaders sharpen their skills, develop relationships, and ultimately help their churches thrive.
    Here's what sets our labs apart:
    • Grounded in Community: Our labs are built on the idea that iron sharpens iron. Engage with church leaders across the country and gain insight from the unique perspectives that they bring to the table.
    • No Binders: Our labs are built around the understanding that every congregation is a unique expression of the local church. Therefore, we do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions, but help you gain insights into what can work in your specific context.
    • Practical and Actionable: Our goal is for you to begin applying what you learn in a lab experience right away. Our facilitators are experienced church leaders who are uniquely suited to help you put your learnings into practice.
    At the start of the year, our labs feature church leaders like Mike Bonem, Reggie McNeal, and Tim Nations, working through issues like change management, resilient leadership, and virtual ministry strategies. You can learn more below:
    We're rooting for you this year!


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