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05. 28. 2023

Staff Health| Leadership| Staff Transitioning

Do You Love Your Church Job (or Hate It?)

| 2 min read

Written by Todd Rhoades
Dec 21, 2018 2:24:55 PM

One way to approach your church work: "I come in on time, even a little early. I do what the everyone asks, a bit faster than they expect. I stay on time and on budget, and I'm hardworking and loyal."

The other way: "What aren't they asking me to do that I can do, learn from, make an impact, and possibly fail (yet survive)? What's not on my agenda that I can fight to put there? Who can I frighten, what can I learn, how can I go faster, what sort of legacy am I creating?"

Two different attitudes.

Which do you have yourself?

Which do you ask of your church staff?

Do they match?

I work with a lot of top notch church leaders. I know none that operate under the first framework.

In fact, I don't know of any churches that are tearing it up that have staff that work under the first framework either.

So... today's question... are you workin' hard, or hardly workin'? Do you love your job or loathe it?

It makes a difference. An eternal difference.

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At Chemistry Staffing, we want to help you not only to do a good job, but a GREAT job!  And we know that, at different times in our ministries, that's a tall order.

The first way we can get to know you a little more is by you taking the time to submit your church staff profile (if you haven't already). 

If there is any way that we can serve you, please reach out to us!  

You're special.  You're unique.  You're valuable.  Remember that as you go about your 'job' this fine day!

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