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09. 23. 2023

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Christmas Disrupted – A FREE Christmas Planning Resource

| 2 min read

Written by Tim Nations
Dec 2, 2020 11:46:51 AM

The Christmas season is here ... are you ready? 


The Christmas season. It is a phrase that fills our hearts and minds with a wide variety of thoughts and emotions, especially if you are a church leader. And in 2020, the volume of all those feelings has been turned up 200%. Thinking about and planning for one of the two most significant spiritual moments of the year during a pandemic (and an election season!) is enough to accelerate weight gain, hair loss, and boost Ambien sales.

In all seriousness, making plans for a disrupted Christmas is daunting. According to our recent survey, not a single participant (0%) expects Christmas 2020 to be like Christmas past. On the flip side, 1 in 8 pastors Christmas Disrupted Threeexpect to have to do something extremely different this year. But the fact remains that most people in our nation, and perhaps around the world, desire some kind of spiritual moment at Christmas time. However, few know how to pull that off. And with restrictions on large gatherings, festivals, and other community experiences limiting the public’s options this year, the door is open for churches to step up and step in like never before.
But where do you start?
Through our Christmas Disrupted survey and my personal conversations with church leaders, we have put together resources that will help leaders like you make better decisions as Christmas approaches. Our hope is that the curated observations, accompanying survey infographic, and the included staff discussion guide, will help you and your team gain clarity and plan effectively as Christmas draws near.
In addition, leaders who download the Christmas Disrupted PDF will get access to three recorded conversations with leaders from North Point Ministries, ChurchAnywhere.us, and CityChurch. These conversations will provide additional insights and inspiration as you prepare for a Christmas like no other!

With all the busyness of the advent season and all the craziness of the pandemic, sometimes we just need an outside set of eyes to process this with. If you could use a thinking partner put together your Christmas Disrupted, I'd love to spend some time with you... no obligation, no expectation. This link will help us find a time that works for both of us.
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