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Staff Search

Chemistry Has You Covered

Jordan says: I’m very grateful for Chemistry Staffing, for finding and vetting top quality candidates.

A Faith Community

In our work with churches over the years, we have identified five different areas that need to match up in order for your next hire to have ‘long-term, healthy fit’ potential. Miss on any one of these five, and the chances for longevity of your new staff member goes down significantly. Misalignment on two or more of these areas are the things that bad hires are made of. 


That is why Chemistry Staffing developed an assessment process that gives us an understanding of who a candidate is theologically and culturally, gives us a sense of their personality, and helps us understand whether they have the necessary skills to do the job that they were hired for. By the time a candidate completes our assessment process, we have a reasonable idea as to whether they could be a good fit for your church, and whether they should be interviewed for the position.


Churches that hire well can increase the longevity and effectiveness of their staff exponentially.


Recently, Chemistry Staffing helped Zach in an associate pastor role at The Lifehouse Church in Rocklin, California. Here is what the lead pastor, Jordan, had to say:


Zach is a great fit for TLC. He fits our culture, aligns with our convictions and direction, and comes with many years of effective leadership in the local church. I’m very grateful to Chemistry Staffing, for finding and vetting top-quality candidates. It’s amazing that their process is so simple and streamlined, and yet yields such high-caliber, spiritually-heathy, humble, and hungry leaders. If you’re looking for you’re next high-quality hire, look no further. Chemistry has you covered.


At Chemistry Staffing, we help you hire well and keep your team healthy. We want your church to thrive!


If you're getting ready to start the search process at your church or maybe you’re in the midst of a search that needs a little extra help, let’s talk. We’d love to have you covered as well!


Click here to find time on my calendar. 

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Kelly Norris

Kelly Norris

Kelly Norris brings over 30 years of extensive experience in various fields, including Children’s ministry, Communications, Church Planting, Worship/Creative Arts, Associate Pastor, and Executive Pastoral positions. Currently, she serves as an Executive Pastor at Northgate Church in Sunbury, OH. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, is a graduate of the Ohio School of Ministry, and has certifications as a Transformational Coach. Residing with her family in central Ohio, Kelly leverages her expertise and diverse background in coaching and ministry through her work with Chemistry Staffing as the Director of Strategic Initiatives. Her passion is to equip and empower people and organizations to do the work of the ministry.

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