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09. 23. 2023

Staff Transitioning

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

| 2 min read

Written by Todd Rhoades
Jun 7, 2021 9:52:13 AM

I don't often quote Gandhi, but I saw this quote that made me think:


"I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people."


Truth is... I know a lot of leaders that can't seem to get along with people.


Let me be more specific. 


I know a lot of CHURCH leaders that can't seem to get along with people.


That's one of the reasons churches split.


It's one of the reasons that pastors and church staff leave.


And it's one of the reasons that firms like Chemistry Staffing exist.


The best leaders I know know how to get along with people.


They get along with their spouse. They're able to get along with their staff and their elder board or governing body. And they get a long with most people they come in contact with.


Candidates (and churches) that can't get along with people are pretty easy to spot.


Here are some distinctives:

  1. They are highly opinionated. 
  2. They speak negatively about their current situation.
  3. They don't stay one place too long.
  4. They are quick to blame others. (It's never their fault).
  5. They tend to think more highly of themselves than of those around them.


Churches that can't get a long with people churn through staff with great regularity.


Candidates that can't get along with people change positions every 2-3 years.


Let's face it. Leadership is people-based. And if you can't get along with people, no one will follow you.


And when that happens, the only thing to do is move on. Find another church. Find another staff person.


At Chemistry Staffing, we work hard to find people that area great leaders. And we only work with churches that we think are healthy and great potential landing places for great candidates.


How well do you get along with people?  And how well does your church function relationally with your leaders and your people?


Your leadership depends on it!




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