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Staff Search

A Pastor's Perspective

Find your ideal ministry staff with Chemistry Staffing. Gain insights from a pastor's experience and create a thriving church culture.

Pastor's Perspective

Chemistry Staffing's Impact on Church Hiring


Before your church hires its next staff member, put us to work for you! At Chemistry Staffing, our job is to help you hire well (and keep your team healthy). We LOVE the local church, and we are passionate about connecting great candidates with great churches for healthy, long-term ministry.

Chemistry Staffing was pleased to work with Church on the Drive in Orlando, FL in their search for a Student Pastor.


Here's what the pastor had to say ...   


"Aside from how in-depth the process was for figuring out compatibility between church and candidate, I most appreciated Chemistry's commitment to helping us find the exact right person no matter how long it took. From the beginning, we were convinced that who we hired for this role was incredibly important for the future of our church. The search ended up taking us about two years because we were looking for someone who would fit our church, gel with our staff, be excited about our vision, and prove to be a competent student pastor. Other people might have gotten annoyed or given up on us, but Chemistry Staffing patiently and helpfully guided us."


Josh also shared some helpful advice for any other churches searching for a student pastor:

"If I could give any advice to a church beginning their search for a student pastor right now, I would say three things. First, you should work with Chemistry Staffing. They have a well of knowledge to pull from that most churches just don't have.  Plus, they see the blind spots you might not see in things like financial packages, staffing structures, and interview questions.  All that being said, our experience was that it actually ended up being more cost-effective for us to pay Chemistry Staffing than to put ads in all the places they did and pay the work hours to do all the interviewing they did. Of course, if we had made a bad hire, the cost would have been even more!  

The second piece of advice I would give to churches looking for a student pastor is be prepared for an extended process if you want to do it right. One of the things Chemistry helped us figure out was that there is currently a dearth of student pastors. That made it easier to understand why things didn't move as fast as we hoped. Our search was long, but I'm glad we didn't hire someone after just sifting through thirty resumes we got from the round of online ads we did before getting involved with Chemistry Staffing.

The final piece of advice I would give is this: commit to a healthy church culture. Find someone who will be a good fit and won't drive you crazy. You will be happier, they will be happier, and your church will be more like what God intends it to be. If the staff can't get along, the church won't get along."

Are you gearing up to kickstart the search process at your church, or perhaps you're currently navigating a search that could benefit from some extra assistance? We're all ears and eager to learn about your unique situation. Let's connect and explore how we can assist in finding your next long-term ministry staff member.

Let's talk.

Kelly Norris

Kelly Norris

Kelly Norris brings over 30 years of extensive experience in various fields, including Children’s ministry, Communications, Church Planting, Worship/Creative Arts, Associate Pastor, and Executive Pastoral positions. Currently, she serves as an Executive Pastor at Northgate Church in Sunbury, OH. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, is a graduate of the Ohio School of Ministry, and has certifications as a Transformational Coach. Residing with her family in central Ohio, Kelly leverages her expertise and diverse background in coaching and ministry through her work with Chemistry Staffing as the Director of Strategic Initiatives. Her passion is to equip and empower people and organizations to do the work of the ministry.

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