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09. 23. 2023

Leadership| Church DNA/Culture

5 Ways Church Leaders Destroy Their Teams

| 2 min read

Written by Todd Rhoades
Sep 16, 2019 4:54:07 PM

Are You Falling Into Any Of These Bad Leadership Habits? 

We’ve all seen it in our careers.

Sometimes churches implode.

Sometimes church staffs disintegrate.  Literally. Right before our eyes.

Much of this, many times, has to do with the leadership at the top.

Recently I rediscovered old writings of Scott Williams where he gives five ways that he’s seen leaders destroy their teams.  If you’re in charge, watch out for these team killers:

  1. My Way Or The Highway (MWOH):  Everyone has an opinion and often times people have thoughts, ideas and suggestions that can be helpful to those that are in charge.  MWOH is fueled by the insecurity of the Leadership Destroyer. MWOH can create an environment of control, but not an environment of healthy success.
  2. All About The Numbers: The numbers do matter, the bottom line is important and if it doesn’t make dolla$ it doesn’t make sense. In business, ministry or non-profit work, it’s important to measure things as it’s a great barometer for success. Where numbers become a problem is when the Leadership Destroyer focuses on the numbers, bottom line and measurables so much that they forget about their team of people who are making those numbers happen.
  3. Talk But Don’t Listen: No one can get a word in or have an opinion because the Leadership Destroyer is always talking. Not only are they always talking, they never listen. If people are not heard, they will cease to say the things that matter.
  4. Change Things For The Sake Of Changing Things: Change is good and sometimes necessary to create forward momentum. The Leadership Destroyer takes this to another level by changing things just to let you know that they’re the boss. They are unwilling to receive feedback or go back to what worked, even if their change isn’t working.
  5. They Just Don’t Care: The quickest way to destroy a team is to not care about the players on the team. Team members know the difference between the fake stuff and the genuine care and concern for the individual players and the collective team. Leadership Destroyers care more about their title, role, corner office and the fact that they have arrived than they do their team.

Have you ever worked for a team killer?  What was the biggest downfall and cause of ‘team killage’ that you’ve seen in your career?



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